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On November 23, 1919, Pont-à-Mousson was awarded the Military Cross.

The town is bombarded, then occupied by german troops until September 13, 1914, it will stay till the end of the war on the vicinity of fightings, especially of the Priest Wood (Bois-Le-Prêtre).

Pont-à-Mousson Town Hall

Memorial fountain for American volunteer ambulance men.

Footbridge on the Moselle

The bridge on the Moselle is distroyed by the French troops on their retreat on the 5th of September;

The German soldiers restore a footbridge which will be destroyed on the 11th and 12nd of September by the first detachments of French soldiers coming back to the town, afetr the Grand-Couronné fightings.

The destroyed bridge on the Moselle

Gabions (weaved baskets full of earth or sand) are piled up under the square arcades to protect passers-by from shell splinters.

Blénod-lès-Pont-à-Mousson :

Bomb impacts on Blénod and the factory during WWI fightings. A strategic target, Blénod factory will be touched all in all by 5.000 shells and bombs during 300 bombardments.

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