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Mon carnet de route (My logbook) - Louis Desalbres 1916-1918 - Testimony of a private soldier. Father of the webmaster. My logbook  is the moving testimony of a young French soldier, Louis Désalbres, engaged in 1916 in the Great War as a private soldier. He took notes on a little notebook which he updated every evening in the trench. In "My logbook", you will experience two awsome years so many of our own people had to live and from which they never came back. Pierre Latécoère

 Soissonnais 1914-1918 Association for  protecion of war sites - Cross-sections of poilus' life with its horrors, its sorrows, its injustices, its pleasures, its hopes...   Exhibition "The Poilu, soldier, artist", testimonies of the absurd of this conflict and tribute to  the Great War soldiers.

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