Voyage dans le saillant de St Mihiel The libération of the Saint-Mihiel salient RETOUR.gif (1070 octets)
During summer 1918, general Pershing takes command of the American first army and is entrusted with the liberation of the Saint-Mihiel salient, in collaboration with the 2nd French colonial army corps. PERSAVAN.gif (12744 octets)

General Pershing with his officers on april 16, 1918.

Position of the troops on the 12 of September as related by Marcel Yonque

Position Army Corps Divisions Reserves Objectives
From Watronville to Mouilly DRAPUS.gif (973 octets)


M.Gal Cameron

15e DIC

4e DIUS (1/2)

26e DIUS

4e DIUS (1/2) Les Éparges



From Mouilly to Xivray DRAPFR.gif (921 octets)

IIe CA Col.   

Gal Blondiat

2e DCP

26e DI

39e DI

  Liberation of Saint-Mihiel
From Xivray toLimey DRAPUS.gif (973 octets)


M.Gal Dicman

1ère DIUS

42e DIUS

89e DIUS

3e DUS Vigneulles



From Limey to Clémery DRAPUS.gif (973 octets)

1er  CA US

M.Gal Liggett

2e DIUS et  5e DIUS

90e DIUS

82e DIUS

78e  DIUS Vigneulles




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Article from Pèlerin september 1918

The 1st US army possesses a significant amount of French-American matériel: 1.444 aircrafts, 3.100 guns and 267 Renault tanks.

The attack splits into three sides; in the south the first and fourth US corps make progress towards Thiaucourt and Montsec; in the north, the 5th US corps liberates the Meuse coasts in the direction of Vigneulles; in the west the 2nd colonial army corps attacks Saint-Mihiel area.

The battle will take place from Setpember 12 to 15, 1918.

As soon as September 13, the principal targets are reached and even gone past; the Saint-Mihiel salient is liberated and the new frontline is set almost on a straight line between Pont-à-Mousson and the Eparges. The Allies death and injury toll is 7.000. Ther are 16.000 German prisoners.

Congratulations wire from President Poincaré to President Wilson on Sept. 14, 1918.

I cannot wait till the American army ongoing operations are over to congratulate you, Mister president, on a victory which first stage has been brillantly cleared.

General Pershing's formidable divisions , fraternally backed up by French troops, have just liberated with an admirable willpower, Lorraine towns and villages which had been groaning and moaning for four years under the yoke of the enemy.

I express to the people of the United-States the France's strongest thanks

Let me add the expression of my deep personal emotion. I' ve been sitting for a quarter of a century in the French Chamber of Deputies to represent the now liberated regions. I know more than anybody how patriotic are their populations, how they are attached to Law and Liberty, and how they have a loyal heart. The great brotherly Republic can be assured of their eternal gratitude.


The answer of the president of the United-States appears in the "Journal des débats" (Debates journal) of Sept. 20, 1918

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