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Bombings and shellings      

BombeNy0m.jpg (16524 octets) The planes were used first for observation, but later  for bombing (Aerodrome of Metz Frescaty for exemple, railway stations or towns).

Nancy, Lunéville, Pont-à-mousson and Toul have been bombed by planes and also by Zeppelins (German balloons).

The town of Nancy was also shelled by German's  long range canons.


Left:  360mm bomb which landed on Nancy in 1918

Right: bombs shown in Musée Lorrain

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German plane displayed on  Stanislas square in Nancy on septembre 1918.

Dieulouard's priest and two bombs which fell on the church. Notice they are still shown  in the church.

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Above:  Incendiary bomb on the town of   Pont-à-Mousson


Right:  380mm shell, 1 m 45 tall, which fell in Nancy on august 13th 1916 in a garden at the back of  number 85, Saint Dizier street (Comments on the backside of the postcard)

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NANCY bombardé.Journal d'un bourgeois de Nancy P-Nancy, Berget-Levrault 1918

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