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The TROYON fort

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The Troyon fort is part of the defence line between Nancy and Verdun, devised by Séré de la rivières.

Located between troyon and Lacroix sur Meuse, it was achieved in 1879.

The entry door of the fort

Map of the fort

Defended by 400 men of the 166th Inf. Div. and of the 5th R.A.P., it was armed with 4 120mm pieces and 12 90mm guns.

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The same entry after the bombardments.L
The fort is attacked on the first time from September 8 to 10, 1914 with 210mm and 305mm pieces.

During 65 hours, the fort will receive 2800 strikes 200 of which being from 305mm, deafening soldiers and strongly damaging the defence.

Thanks to the braveness of the occupiers, to the success of French troops in the marne and in the Grand-Couronné and to the reinforcements coming from Toul, the fort is saved.

The attack of the fort by a painter.

The second attack :

On September 22, the three forts of Troyon, Saint-Mihiel (Camp des Romains) and Louville are attacked.

Despite important damages the fort will stay unconquered unlike the Camp des Romains which is taken on Sepember 25.

The fort has been back to life for several years thanks to volunteers who have restaured it and organize visits of the fort and educational activities for children.

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The fort can be visited from April to November, by appointement, every day from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

" Ceux de Troyon"

(Those of Troyon)

Contact : Claude François

14, rue du Général de Gaulle



On mornings or after 7 p.m.