The Great War from Verdun to Nancy

Voyage dans le saillant de St Mihiel The St. Mihiel Salient   

On September 12 and 13, 1918, American and French troops liberated Saint-Mihiel and its Salient conquered by the German forces in September 1914.

   This site relates the fightings which occured between Verdun and Nancy for four years, and invites you to come on the spot and take sight of what remains of the fights.

Notice: Color pictures can be used freely unlike black and white pictures which are all rights reserved.

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Cars and Trucks, Prisoners (American, French, German), Religion (American, French, German) and Burials, Planes shot down in the area of the Saint-Mihiel Salient and Bombardments, the American Ambulance Drivers, The German Lion of Vilcey