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At the end of September 1914, the german forces proceed to the Woëvre plain, heading for Saint Mihiel.
The town is taken on the 24th of September and the Meuse is crossed. The Camp des romains fort will surrender the next day.
The Saint-Mihiel salient which cuts the south-north lines of communication is created.
The town is not evactuatedand the inhabitants who have not fled are held prisoners for 4 years.
The town will only be liberated in September 1918, with the intervention of American troops.

Visit of Saint-Mihiel by President Poincaré and his wife in September 1918. STMIHIPT.gif (16986 octets)
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BIBLIOGRAPHY Recent and old books

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The Saint-Mihiel salient 1914-1918
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Le Saillant de Saint-Mihiel et la Région quatre ans de guerre 1914-1918
The Saint-Mihiel salient and the area
four years of war 1914-1918
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Saillant de Saint-Mihiel (Le)
Saint-Mihiel salient (the)
Guides illustrés Michelin
Saint-Mihiel pendant l'occupation
Saint-Mihiel during Occupation