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Forts of the Séré de la Rivières line

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Lined up on the high points of Lorraine hills, forts form an almost continuous chain between Nancy and Verdun.

It's the Séré de la Rivières line.

It is to be noticed that Nancy is only protected in the east by the non-fortified Grand-Couronné hills.

Map of Troyon Fort (see corresponding page) Liouville, Villey-le-Sec forts

WARNING: access to the forts is extremely hazardous.

For your safety, choose primarily forts with guiding staff;

your visit will be more secure and more interesting.

Liouville fort (Access between Apremont and Marbotte)

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Built in 1876 on a plateau overlooking the Woëvre plain, Liouville fort hold a garison of 700 men.

During Septembre 1914 offensives, the fort will keep on firing until all their pieces of ordnance are crushed by the german artillery.

The site will keep an important strategic role until Septembre 1918.


Contact :

The association pour la sauvegarde du fort de Liouville (A.S.F.L.=association for protection of Liouville fort) is receiving on the site every 3rd Sunday of the month, especially on the morning.
Presidency :

Domaine de Marsoupe

Route de Woinville

55300 Saint-Mihiel

Tel. :

Secretariat : 6, rue de Nancy

55300 Apremont -la-forêt ....Tel :

Centre documentaire et d'information du Saillant de Saint-Mihiel  Saint-Mihiel salient's documention and information centre Marbotte town hall every 3rd sunday of the month

Tel :

Villey-le-sec fort (near Toul) can be visited. It is interesting because almost untouched, owing to its location outside  WW1 combat zone and a railway comes next to it.

Contact :

Fort de Villey-le-sec

route du fort

54840 Villey-le-sec ..... Tel. :

Les Paroches fort(Saint Mihiel's private property), as well as Génicourt, Frouard and Neuves-Maison forts(military property, ) cannot be visited.

Le Camp des romains fort(Saint-Mihiel), and forts north of Toul can be visited, but it is hazardous.

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Old book :    
La guerre de forteresse du Capitaine DANRIT (fiction sur le fort de Liouville)
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