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The …parges Crest (346 metres high) overlooks the WoŽvre plain; it was taken as soon as Sept. 20, 1914 and powerfully fortified by German.

From mid-February to mid-April, fierce combats take place on very muddy ground.

French troops manage to get to the top of the Eparges but losses are considerable and the German still hold part of the crest, of higher neighbour Combres hill and make progress into the area of Calonne Trench.

For at least two more years the Eparges will distinguish themselves with tough combats and especially with the use of mines and camouflets.Impressive craters can be seen on the battlefield.

The writer, academician, Maurice Genevoix, lieutenant of 106th Inf.Div., fought in the Eparges; he was severley injured in Calonne Trench on April 25, 1915.


The …parges (Book 4 of " Ceux de 14 ") Maurice Genevoix

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