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French plane shot down near the battlefield of  11th Bavarian near  Saint-Mihiel on 1916

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Cross of German plane  LVG - C IV - N° 1500 shot down  north Pont-à-Mousson on April 4 th 1917

The newspaper " Pays de France"  of   June 22, 1916, related the aerial shelling of  the town of Toul, on june 4 th ( 6 dead and 10 wounded).

A german plane  Aviatik L.V.G. type D9 and the pilote were captured near Sanzey, 12 km  north of Toul .

The plane quite intac was  carried to the aerodrome of Toul and displayed on the town square.

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Picture and text published in "La guerre aérienne illustrée"   the   10/18/1917.

On march 1917, Georges Guynemer is honored : "On February the 8th, and March the 16th and the 17th he shot down five German planes in our front lines."

On February 8th 1917, this figth tooks place near   Bouconville and one of the  three German planes shot down  the 16th of   March 1917, fell near Régniéville.

It was the 34th official  victory.

Guynemer was promoted to captain on February 18th, 1917.

Having taken off from the Saint-Pol-sur-Mer airport, near Dunkerque, was disappeared on   September 11th 1917, having by then shot down 53 plane.

In his book about the town of Thiaucourt, the priest  Marange tells that a French plane was shot down   April 16th, 1917 et that the lieutnant Raymond Havet was buried with all the inhabitants of Thiaucourt and German officers, to the music of a band, between the church and the German cimetary on the hill near the town.

Pilot's grave in the German cimetary (Joël Huret's picture in  Le Saillant de Saint-Mihiel)

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On september 6th, 1917 Le Pays de France  published a picture of a Gotha plane shot down near Pagny sur Meuse on August 21 th, 1917.


DRAPUS.gif (973 octets)On the web, you can find the American  victories of the 94 th Aero based at Toul :

In april 1918, Captain Edward Vermon Rickenbacker attacked   near Montsec Hill a plane Albatros, and followed it over German lines where he shot it down near Vigneulles les Hattonchâtel.

On march 17, 1918 , Captain James Meisser fought with 3 German planes above Rappe Wood near Domèvre, he shot down a plane and succeded in landing his plane in American lines.

Lieutenant Douglas Cambell  attacked a German biplane on  May 19, 1918 near Flirey and shot it down.


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Rickenbacker,  Cambell and an other 94th Aero pilot

The Major Gervais Lufbery after a figth in the north of Nancy falls out of his plane at Maron, on the Moselle river side.

The Aerodrome shows list of german pilot killed, we founded the following names in our area:

Ludwig Müller at Saint-Mihiel  April 7, 1917

Friedrich Ebeling at  Mars-la-Tour  May 4, 1917

Hermann Selz in  theWoevre wood?  May 31, 1917

Erwin Skowronski in  the Woevre wood?  May 31, 1917

Georg Imhof  at  Flirey  June the 28th 1917

Hermann Kuhrs at Flirey  June 28, 1917

Walter Fritzsche at Montsec May  27, 1918

Wilhem Ortegel at Varnéville May 27, 1918

Hans Berhinger  at Varnéville May 27, 1918

Julius Seherr-Toss at Nancy  June 1918


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