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The area between the fort "Camp des Romains" a little north of Saint-Mihiel and the village of Apremont was the place of fierce fights during the first half of 1915.

From left to right are the "Bois d'Ailly" (Ailly Wood), the "forêt d'Apremont" (Apremont forest), the "Tête à vache" (Cow's head) and the Bois Brûlé (Burnt Wood).

This sector especially distinguished itself on the attempts to flatten out Saint Mihiel's salient in the first half of April 1915, in relation with other battles more particularly near the Eparges, Flirey and Fey en haye.

On April 8, 1915, the adjudant Jacques Péricard of the 95th Inf.Div. took part to a counter-attack. He found himself isolated with several exhausted and wounded men. He shouted "Stand up, ye dead!" to rekindle hope into his companions.

On May 20, 1915, commander André of the 172th Inf.Div. and his company deeply breeched German lines and he and his men found themselves isolated from the rear. The 7th company fought desperately without any ammunitions or water until the night of May 22.

The little church of Marbotte,protected by a knoll, served as a mortuary for a lot of victims before they were buried.

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The actual church

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The soldier's bodies on the pavement of the little chuch of   Marbotte.

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Lieutnant Péricard


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