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 Religion in french Front Lines.  

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In each army Religion was important and specialy with Priests as Chaplains and as member of Sanitary Service..

French Soldiers and Religion

See also German Soldiers Doughboys and Religion  and German and French Burials.

Three  offices  near


The above Postcard is not exactly located  (Informations welcome)


Left: The Mass is celebrated in Facq Wood.

(Wood Between  Pont-à-Mousson and Nomeny)



Mass of  Jeanne  d'Arc Day celebrated in Puvenelle Wood. 

[West  Pont-à-Mousson in front of Preiter Wood ( Bois-Le-Prêtre) May 1915].

Chaplain and his Chapel

Post Card "Luce Editor " (Ailly Wood ?)


Bernécourt's Church


Christian Mass in  Louvière Wood near Apremont(1915)


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