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Prisoners  (German)

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In each  army pictures of prisonners are taken to be used as propaganda.

Allied troops Prisoners

 German Prisoners :

German Prisoners crosssing Mandres aux Quatre Tours

Montauville shool

Photo from 54RI (Tranchée de Calonne) 


German  prisoners kept by americans Soldiers near  Ménil La tour september 1918 after St Mihiel Drive.

German Prisoners crossing the town of Pont-à-Mousson
In the  Musée d'Histoire Contemporaine (Museum in the "Invalides" at  Paris), we can find many drawings of German Prisoners by Bils. 

See also drawing by  Dunoyer de Segonzac



N.B. on our other Web Site "Images of the Great War in Lorraine" you can find on the "Thema" "Prisoner" the above pictures (and other one) in great shape .


If you have other informations and pictures about prisoners in Saint-Mihiel Sailant, please contact

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