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Prisoners  (French, American)

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In each  army pictures of prisonners are taken to be used as propaganda.

 German Prisoners

 French Prisoners    

Three pictures of french  prisoners in Thiaucourt area.


      Most pictures above are from "Swischen Maas und Mosel"








Saint Maurice sous les Côtes




French Prisoners near  Novéant 





 Americans Prisoners  :

 During April 1918, Americans Troupes are attacked near  Seicheprey and  Maizey by German forces who wanted to test the new fighters. Many American soldiers are captured.

April 1918 Thiaucourt American Prisoners 


Same ones walking on the way of the Railsway Station of Thiaucourt


 Russian and Roman Prisoners :

Near  the Battlefields, German Troups used french civils prisoners  but also Russian  and Romanian  Prisoners. So ther was a Russian Prisoners's camp near Vigneulles.


Russian Prisoner Camp at Vigneulles 



Romanian Graves near Bayonville


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